Let us find missing beneficiaries to save you money and resolve your matter sooner.

Are you an Executor, Administrator, Estate Lawyer or an Associate of a Deceased person, needing to track down potential Beneficiaries? Skip Tracing Australia can locate missing beneficiaries, FAST.

The Quick and Affordable Way to Find Missing Beneficiaries

At Skip Tracing Australia, our licensed Private Investigators can find missing beneficiaries anywhere in Australia. It’s not always easy to find a Beneficiary. Estate Plans, Wills and Trust Deeds are often created years or decades before they’re required. In many cases, the Beneficiaries may not even be aware they’ve been named in the document.

That means it can be difficult to track down living Beneficiaries when distributing dividends, executing a Will or resolving other legal matters. As a team of licensed Private Investigators, Skip Tracing Australia is equipped to find missing beneficiaries all over the world. We use “Boutique” purchased data and interviews with living relatives to locate living Beneficiaries and connect them with your team.

Working with Skip Tracing Australia is a quick, affordable and efficient way to find missing Beneficiaries. We simplify the process of tracking down the Beneficiaries of Wills, Estates, Trusts and other family members, allowing you to fulfil your duty, sooner.

You complete a brief to provide information about the subject and why you need to locate a Beneficiary

We conduct a Family Tree Investigation and upfront interviews with possible family members

We confirm the details of the living Beneficiaries and put them in touch with you

Times When You Need Our Help to Locate Missing Beneficiaries

When someone passes away with no apparent family members, there are processes that need to be followed to locate any living Beneficiaries. Skip Tracing Australia takes the stress out of this process. We save you time by conducting extensive research into your subject to locate missing Beneficiaries and keep your matter moving.

  • You may be a Legal Professional looking to track down any possible living relatives who could be Beneficiaries of a Deceased Estate
  • You may be a Legal Professional looking to track down a specific person named in a Will
  • You may be a Public Trustee looking for Beneficiaries or people named in a Will
  • You may be a Corporate Trustee looking for the Beneficiaries of a Trust
  • You may be a Legal Professional needing assistance on a Legal Matter
  • You may be a Beneficiary needing to prove that there are no other living Beneficiaries in line before you

How Our Investigators Find a Beneficiary

At Skip Tracing Australia, we are a Team of licensed Private Investigators who can find missing beneficiaries to help resolve any legal matter.

Finding living Beneficiaries can be challenging, especially if you’re working with an old Will or looking for the next person in line to an Estate. Our team has extensive experience in finding people all over the world, so we can put you in touch with the people you’re searching for.

High Quality Data & Tools

We find any possible Beneficiary through interviews with family members, OSINT Data, Purchased Data with ISO Certification and other tools.

Trusted Skip Tracing Specialists

Our team has extensive experience to locate missing Beneficiaries and conducting investigations, so you can trust us to locate the people you need.

Transparent and Upfront Communication

We aim to resolve matters quickly and provide updates along the way, so you will always know where our investigation stands.

Quality Results and Quick Turnaround

We can typically locate missing Beneficiaries within 7-10 business days. Once complete, we’ll put any living Beneficiaries in contact with you.

Why Choose Us for Locating Beneficiaries

Locating Beneficiaries can be time consuming, costly and difficult. At Skip Tracing Australia, we’re able to locate Beneficiaries quickly, saving you time and money, ensuring you’re able to resolve your matter, FAST.

Leading SkipTrace Specialists in Australia

We are experts in locating Beneficiaries. Our team has access to tools that aren’t publicly available, so we can track down just about anybody.

Trusted Legal Support Services

Our team is trusted by Lawyers, Corporate and Public Trustees, Governments and Legal Professionals to find Beneficiaries anywhere in Australia.

Competitive Prices

As a Skip Tracer, we take the expense and hassle out of locating a Beneficiary with fast and efficient services that are priced very competitively.

Legislative Knowledge and Industry Experience

Our team has experience in finding Beneficiaries for Wills, Estate Management, Trusts and other matters, so we know how to support your work.

Fast and Efficient Results

Skip Tracing Australia aims to locate beneficiaries within 7-10 business days, and we will provide an update within 3 business days.

Private & Confidential

Your privacy is a priority for our team. We will not disclose any information about the matter at hand unless you instruct us to do so.

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