A Background Check provides the information you need to make informed decisions.

Skip Tracing Australia conducts Background Checks on individuals and businesses. If you need to know more about your subject for legal, business or personal reasons, an Australian Background Check can help.

Resolve Your Matter Sooner with Australian Background Checks

An Australian Background Check is a process that provides information about the background and official records of a person or business. Other organisations typically offer Background Checks that simply consist of a Police Check. At Skip Tracing Australia, our Background Checks are performed by Licensed Private Investigators.

We use boutique purchased data, open source intelligence, online investigations services and private interviews to build a clear picture of the subject or business in question. Background Checks are a trusted Legal Support Service that can assist and inform decisions made by individuals which may have a legal impact.

Our experienced team can conduct a Background Check Australia wide. We save you time and money by assembling a full report on your subject, helping you to resolve your matter sooner. 

You complete a brief to tell us about your subject and your situation.

We pull data from multiple sources and conduct a comprehensive investigation.

We provide a full report of our findings to inform you about your subject.

Signs you need a Background Check

We live in a digital world where it’s easier than ever to hide your identity. This can make it difficult to know whether the people you’re dealing with are being honest. An Australian Background Check can take the guesswork out of doing business, allowing you to make more effective decisions.

  • Verifying the history and records of a person or business
  • Verifying the employment history and education of a job candidate or staff member
  • Uncovering information about another party in a legal matter
  • Uncovering information about a debtor in Debt Collection matters
  • Chasing up unpaid invoices or goods and services you paid for but haven’t received
  • Police Checks and criminal history checks
  • Working with Children checks
  • Online investigations and social media checks

Employment Background Check Australia

Did you know that Australian Employers lost $350 million to employee fraud over the last decade? When more than 15% of businesses fail each year, employee fraud is an unacceptable risk. A Background Check is a quick and affordable way to verify that your staff and candidates are the right people for the job.

Skip Tracing Australia conducts comprehensive employment Background Checks. We use OSINT, purchased data, online investigations and field investigations to generate a full report on your employees. If you are hiring someone new, or if you have already hired someone and things aren’t adding up, an Australian Background Check can make sure you’ve got the right person.

Our team investigates employment history, education, references and criminal records. That means we can provide a full picture of any subject, allowing you to make the best decision for your business.

How Our Background Check Service Works.

At Skip Tracing Australia, we are qualified and Licensed Private Investigators who specialise in Australian Background Checks.

We have extensive experience in Skip Tracing, Online Investigation, Software and I.T. Systems, Data Analysis, and Compliance. We have partnered with clients in the public and private sectors, providing FAST Background Checks that contain the data you need to proceed with your matter.

High Quality Data & Tools

We use open source intelligence, purchased data, public records, online investigations and interviews to conduct Background Checks in Australia.

Trusted Skip Tracing Specialists

Our Background Checks are carried out by Private Investigators with highly developed investigative skills, so we can find details about anybody.

Transparent & Upfront Communication

We’ll keep you updated throughout the investigative process, so you’ll always know the status of your Background Check.

Quality Results & Quick Turnaround

We typically aim to resolve matters within 7-10 business days, providing a full report containing the details of our Background Check.

What Do You Get as Part of a Background Check?

Skip Tracing Australia offers comprehensive Background Checks. Our service is ideal for businesses and individuals that are looking to resolve legal matters, minimise risk and verify the credentials of the people you’re dealing with.

We make sure you have all the information you need to make better decisions by providing Background Checks that include:

  1. Social Media EnquiriesWe check social media platforms and history to build a strong picture of your subject.
  2. Advanced Internet Search ResultsDetermining the nature and personality of your subject.
  3. Digital FootprintAre they who they say they are? We check the backend data of multiple platforms to see if there is any possible identity fraud.
  4. Associations Who are they associated with? Do they have any criminal associations?
  5. Criminal HistoryHave they appeared in court? Are there any impending court decisions?

These checks are a simple way to ensure the businesses, people and contractors you’re partnering with are who they say they are.

Our Background Checks can save you substantial amounts of time, money and risk when resolving personal and professional matters. Have a chat with our team to get started – it’s quick, easy and affordable!

Why Choose Us for a Background Check Australia

The team at Skip Tracing Australia is committed to providing you with the best possible outcomes. Our Background Checks can save you time, money and risk.

Leading SkipTrace Specialists in Australia

We are industry experts with the right processes in place, allowing us to provide quick and efficient results when performing Background Checks.

Trusted Legal Support Services

Our Background Checks are trusted by Governments, Mercantile Agencies, Investigation Companies and Legal Professionals across Australia.

Competitive Prices

We offer Background Checks across Australia that deliver the information you need, quickly, and our service is backed up by the industry’s most competitive pricing.

Legislative Knowledge and Industry Experience

We’re experienced in all areas of online investigations and field investigations, interviews, Background Checks, surveillance and much more.

Fast and Efficient Results

We aim to provide an update within 3 business days of commencement, and have an outcome within 7 business days, so you can get on with it.

Private & Confidential

All matters handled by Skip Tracing Australia are private and confidential. We won’t disclose any information to other parties without your instruction

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