Get your Legal Documents served by a professional process server.

Skip Tracing Australia has a network of experienced and licensed Process Serving agents throughout Australia. We can serve your documents quickly and efficiently, so you can resolve your matter sooner.

Meet Your Legal Obligations with a Process Server

A Process Server is a Licensed Agent who will personally serve Legal Documents on your behalf.
In Australia, many types of Legal Documents need to be served directly to the parties involved in the matter. In some circumstances, legislation may also prevent you from serving these documents yourself.

For instance, Divorce Paper and Family Court documents must be served by an independent third party. Process servers are Licensed professionals whose role is to serve these documents, allowing you to meet your legal obligations and serve documents within the required timeframes.
Skip Tracing Australia maintains a network of Process Servers throughout the country. Our Process Servers will personally deliver your legal documents to the intended Respondent or Third Party Recipient.

Our process serving service is ideal for serving all types of legal documents, especially if a Respondent is unreachable or evading service. Whatever matter you’re dealing with, we can ensure your obligations are met and that your documents are served to the appropriate party by way of Registered Mail, Email or Text.

You provide us with the Documents that need to be delivered and your instruction.

A Licensed and Experienced Process Server will deliver your documents as per their legal obligations.

We provide you with a full report of our service, and a certified affidavit if required.

When you need Process Serving

Document serving is subject to different requirements in each Australian state and in each court. Requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of document you’re serving. For example, in most states, you cannot serve your own Divorce Papers or Family Court Documents.

In a lot of situations, Documents will be served on the Respondents during court proceedings, or through legal professionals. However, the Respondent may not be available, or they may not have a Lawyer to handle documents on their behalf.

Whatever the case may be, we have process servers that can streamline your legal matters.

Our professional Process Servers can serve all types of documents, including:

Types of Legal Documents include:

  • Bankruptcy Notice
  • Cease and Desist Notice
  • Complaints Notices
  • Default Judgement
  • Divorce Documents
  • Examination Order
  • Family Law Documents
  • Formal Letter
  • Interlocutory Order
  • Initiating Application
  • Subpoena
  • Summons
  • Writ

How our Process Serving service works. 

At Skip Tracing Australia, we provide Process Serving services for the formal delivery of legal documents to individuals or entities in any Australian jurisdiction.

Document serving is a critical part of any legal matter. We understand the importance of meeting legal requirements in document serving, so we ensure the correct and secure delivery of confidential and sensitive documents on behalf of our clients.

Trusted & Experienced Process Servers

Our Process Servers are experienced and licensed. We have the legal knowledge to serve documents correctly and within the required time frame.

Trusted Skip Tracing Specialists

We are Australia's Skip Trace Specialists. That means we can find your Respondent anywhere in Australia, even if they don’t want to be located.

Transparent and Upfront Communication

We’ll provide regular updates about our progress and answer any questions you have along the way, so you can stay on top of your matter.

Quality Results and Quick Turnaround

We aim to have your matter completed within the required timeframe. We provide a full report upon completion, and can supply an Affidavit if required.

Why Choose Us To Serve Your Documents? 

Skip Tracing Australia is proud to offer professional Process Serving services. Working with us ensures your Respondent receives the correct documents within the required timeframe.

Trusted Legal Support Services

Our Process Servers are trusted by Legal Professionals, Governments Departments, Debt Collectors and Private Investigators all over Australia.

Leading SkipTrace Specialists in Australia

If we can’t find your subject, no one can. Our Skip Tracing services we can track down Respondents and serve documents to the right parties.

Competitive Prices

We offer some of the most competitive pricing for process serving in the industry. This makes us the Process Server clients come back to time and again.

Legislative Knowledge and Industry Experience

We have extensive experience in the legal field. We understand the gravity of your situation, and the importance of serving documents correctly.

Fast and Efficient Results

We aim to provide an update within 3 business days of commencement, and have an outcome within 7 business days, so you can resolve your matter.

Private & Confidential

Confidentiality is at the heart of what we do. Our Process Servers will not disclose information about you or your matter unless instructed to do so.

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