What can we help you with?

Locate a Person or Asset

Our Skip Tracing services utilise OSINT and data retrieved from multiple sources only available to Private Investigators. We will obtain a confirmed work or home address of your subject or Asset.

Process Serve

Do you need a legal document served? We can locate your subject, confirm their address and our Licensed Field Agents can formally serve your document.

Online Investigations

Detailed profiling of a subject including location, business or employment, personal and professional associations, behavioural history, and online behaviour.

Background Checks

Our background checks deliver a quick search report that highlights any red flags to be aware of for a person or business including Criminal History, Civil Debts or Complaints.

Locate a Beneficiary

An Investigation into the possible familial connections of a Deceased Estate or Will, for the purpose of locating a Beneficiary.

Phone Number Search

Just need a phone number? This search is conducted by a licensed Private Investigator to determine a current phone number for your subject.

Batch Skip Tracing

Our Batch Skip Tracing Service allows you to send through a high volume of Skip Tracing Files via a spreadsheet and have them returned to you with located details, at a fraction of the price.

Data Washing

Data Washing, or Data Cleansing, is the process of taking previous or historic records and essentially cleaning them by updating the contact details all at once, so that the records are useful again. E.g. Such as a client database (CRM).

Need an Info Pack?

If you're looking for Skip Tracing services on behalf of a Corporate Agency, Business or Organisation, send us your details and we'll email you our Corporate Business Info Pack.