Australian Phone Number Searches save time and money by finding crucial contact details.

Need to get in touch with someone by phone or email? Tried searching everywhere and can’t find the phone number? Skip Tracing Australia provides more than just a Phone Number Search.

Quick and Affordable Phone Number Search Australia

Skip Tracing Australia has access to Online Tools and Purchased Data not generally available to the public. These sources allow us to conduct a Phone Number Search Australia wide.

Google, Person Lookup and Spokeo will only get you so far when you’re looking for up to date contact details.
If you haven’t had any luck searching on your own, our team can take the time and hassle out of tracing a phone number for a person or business.

You may need to locate a landline or mobile phone number, or identify the owner of a number you already have. As Licensed Private Investigators, we’re able to Investigate your subject and provide current phone numbers, email addresses and other contact details.

We perform Phone Number Searches for legal proceedings, Debt Collection, locating witnesses, contacting beneficiaries and finding subjects who are missing.

A Phone Number Search is a quick and affordable way to find contact information about a person or business. We can save you the time, money and hassle involved with searching for this information on your own, so you can get on with your matter.

Tell us about your subject, legal matter and why you need a Phone Number Search

We conduct an advanced Phone Number Search by running the information through OSINT, Online Tools and Purchased Data

We confirm the phone number, mobile number or email address and provide it to assist in your legal matter

Signs You Need an Australian Phone Number Search

It’s reported that there are more than 100 million mobile phone numbers in Australia, and just as many email addresses. You may think you have the right number, only to find out it’s disconnected. If you need to trace a phone number or email address for legal purposes, we can help.

  • You or your client needs to make contact with someone regarding a matter
  • You or your client has been a victim of cyberbullying or online harassment and need to identify a phone number you already have
  • You or your client needs to make contact with a debtor about outstanding debts, goods or services
  • Legal Professionals needing to speak with a Witness regarding a matter
  • Legal Professionals needing to contact the Beneficiary of a Will or Deceased Estate
  • Proving facts about someone (e.g. their assets or activities) when you only have a phone number to go by
  • Serving a document by substitute service to an email address
How much does it cost?

Mobile Phone Number Search Australia

The rise of mobile phones has almost eliminated the need for landlines. Government data shows that 63% of private individuals now only have a mobile number at home. When you’re trying to locate someone or verify contact details, our team can conduct a Mobile Phone Number Search Australia wide.

Locating and confirming mobile phone numbers can be a challenge. It’s easier than ever to swap your old number for a new one, and that can make it difficult to get in touch with your subject.

Skip Tracing Australia uses a mix of open source intelligence, purchased records, online investigations and field investigations to find and verify mobile phone numbers.

If you’re having trouble finding the current mobile number for a person or business, or if the number you have is unreachable, speak to us and see if we can help.



Skip Tracing Australia are a team of Licensed Private investigators conducting searches using legal, certified, paid databases. Before we conduct a search for you, you are required to disclose the reason for your search. We can legally trace a phone number in Australia for you if it is required for a legal reason or to assist in a legal matter. Before submitting your request you are required to acknowledge that any information provided to you is not to be misused or used outside of the Telecommunications Act 1997.


If you submit your phone number search request prior to midday on any business day, we will have your results back to you on the same business day. Requests submitted after hours will be processed the next business day.


We can conduct reverse searches on a phone number or email address for you if it is in relation to a legal matter, or to assist in a legal matter.


Information is only as good as the way in which it was entered. We use multiple certified databases that collect information from multiple sources over long periods of time. When tracing a phone number, we conduct our investigation and cross reference information from multiple sources, providing you with the most recent and relevant results relating to your request.

These days, it is only too easy for a person to go out and buy a new $2 sim card and change their number which is why we only provide you the data that is available to us. If results are found during our investigation, you can contact us to request that we confirm them for you.

If you're not sure if a Phone Number search is going to provide what you need, give us a call on 1300 983 324 and we would be happy to discuss your needs and requirements and suggest the best path forward.

Our Phone Number Search Service Works.

Skip Tracing Australia is a team of licensed Private Investigators who can trace a phone number or email address for anyone in Australia.

Contacting a person or business about legal matters can be a challenge. With vast experience in conducting investigations, surveillance, debt collection, process serving and more, we know how to get in touch with anybody.

High Quality Data & Tools

We perform Phone Number Searches using OSINT Tools, Purchased Data with ISO Certification, online investigation, public records and more.

Trusted Skip Tracing Specialists

Our Private Investigators are highly experienced in conducting investigations, so we can find a phone number for anyone in Australia.

Transparent & Upfront Communication

We’ll regularly update you on the progress we are making, so you can rest assured that we’ll have a current phone number soon.

Quality Results & Quick Turnaround

We aim to find a phone number within 7-10 business days. You will receive the relevant contact details and a full report on our findings.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our 

Phone Number Search

Super easy and got the phone number we needed to progress with our legal matter. Excellent service obviously provided by professionals. Will use again! Thx!



I contacted Skip Tracing Australia because I needed to find the phone number of a distant family member in relation to the Deceased Estate of another family member.  They were very attentive and took care of the job quickly. Highly recommended! 



Very quick, easy, professional service that enabled us to contact a key Witness we otherwise had not been able to reach. 



Why Choose Us for an Australian Phone Number Search

Searching for a phone number on your own can be time consuming and costly. At Skip Tracing Australia, we take pride in saving you time and money by locating, identifying and verifying a subject’s contact information, FAST.

Leading SkipTrace Specialists in Australia

We are experts in the field of Australian Phone Number Searches, so if we can’t find a phone number for your subject, no one can.

Trusted Legal Support Services

Our services are trusted by the Governments, Law Firms, Debt collectors and Investigation Companies we partner with across Australia.

Competitive Prices

Skip Tracing Australia saves you time and money by offering the most competitively priced Phone Number Search service in Australia.

Legislative Knowledge and Industry Experience

We have extensive experience in debt collection, legal proceedings, process serving, surveillance and more, so we can support your matter.

Fast and Efficient Results

We aim to provide your Phone Number Search results within 1 Business Day

Private & Confidential

Your privacy is our priority. We won’t disclose information about you or your matter to anyone else that’s involved unless instructed to do so.

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