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Need to Locate A Person? 
Let us do the Skip Tracing for you.

We locate people and addresses quickly and efficiently, and provide you with a report of service
which can be used as evidence in your proceedings.

Our Standard Skip Trace service will get you results within 7-10 Business Days.
If you have an urgent matter, our Advanced Skip Trace is completed within 1-3 consecutive days.  

Proven Results

With an exceptional Skip Tracing success rate, and a track record of successfully locating individuals, we deliver tangible results you can rely on.

Experienced Investigators

Our experience in data analysis and investigations empowers us to efficiently sift through information, ensuring accurate and swift results.

Creative Thinkers

We employ innovative and investigative strategies that go beyond conventional methods, ensuring we unearth even the most challenging leads.

Passion for Justice

We love what we do and are fueled by our genuine passion for helping people, we excel in delivering dedicated and quality service to every search.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip Tracing is the process of finding or locating a person who is missing or hard to find – someone who has “skipped town.”

If someone has skipped town, or if they’ve moved from their last known address without providing a new one, Skip Tracing Australia can find them.

There are a number of reasons why you may need a Skip Trace. Whether you are a Solicitor, a Collection Agency, or looking to track down an old friend or an estranged family member, you can trust our team to provide quality results.

Skip Tracing Australia provides professional results, quickly. We can typically find and confirm the address of a person within 7-10 business days, so you can proceed with your matter as soon as possible.

We are licensed Private Investigators and Field Agents. Our team uses a wide range of modern and online investigation tools to conduct our Skip Tracing services. The result is that we can provide you with a detailed and easy-to-read report on your person/s of interest.

If you need to locate a person, we can help you.

Tracing a Debtor

Creditors, Finance Companies, Businesses and Landlords may need to track down their debtors.

We offer ethical and legal debtor tracing, in line with Australia’s debt collection regulations.

Process Serving

Skip Tracing confirms the address of a person or the guarantor who is responsible for a business, in order to serve legal documents.
We can also organise the service of your legal documents for you.

Finding a Beneficiary

The beneficiaries of Deceased Estates and Wills may be difficult to locate. With a Skip Trace, we can find the living beneficiaries of all matters within a specific time frame.

Property Owners

Want to buy your next-door neighbour's empty block of land or investment property?
Skip Tracing Australia has the tools to track down property owners within a matter of days.

Locating a Witness

Do you need to find a witness to assist in a Court matter? Calling the right witnesses can be the key to a successful outcome in Court, but tracking down those people can be challenging.

Class Actions

We support lawyers and consultants who are involved in coordinating class action outcomes. If you need to trace hundreds of people in a specific time frame, we can help.

Missing Persons

A missing person or loved one is often a devastating experience. At Skip Tracing Australia, we are happy to provide a free data check service for families of missing loved ones.

Vehicle Repossessions

Are you a finance company, collections agency or mercantile agency? When you need an address to conduct a Repossession Order, we can find and confirm the asset's location.

Divorce Papers

We support estranged parties in locating and confirming addresses for service of Divorce Papers. No matter how long it's been, we can find the address for you. 

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


I can't recommend Cat Brownlie and her team enough for anyone facing complex personal
challenges requiring investigative expertise. Her commitment to uncovering the truth, combined
with a compassionate approach, makes her an exceptional choice.

Individual, QLD


Skip Tracing Australia was quick efficient and very friendly found the person within 2 days and organised the service of documents in person to the debtor soon after. It was executed with perfection.

Small Business Owner, VIC


Skip Tracing Australia was unbelievably fast and efficient. They were able to track down and verify a valid address for us in just a few hours. I was seriously impressed. Their after-sales support to help us with next steps was also very valuable and really appreciated.

Small Business Owner, NSW

Our Skip Tracing Time Frames

Why People Use Our Services

Divorce Papers

Where it's been a number of years since one party has seen or been in contact with the other and now it's time to serve those papers! but, you're not in contact and you don't know their address.  We'll find it for you.


You or your client may be going through the motions of executing a will or a deceased estate, and there are people listed in the Will who are distant or estranged family members. 
We'll find them for you!  

Civil Litigations

You or your client may have commenced civil litigation proceedings and need to serve a document, but you don't have the address! Help!

Let us save you time. We'll find your respondent within days, not weeks.

Commercial Litigation

We provide Skip Tracing and Investigative support services to Commercial Law Firms and Insolvency Practitioners when they need to trace a debtor, asset or serve documents to a respondent.

Skip Tracing Australia Services

Skip Tracing

Our Skip Tracing service utilises OSINT and data retrieved from multiple sources only available to Private Investigators to locate a person.  When it comes to locating a person, we're here to help. 

Background Checks

Our background checks deliver a quick search report that highlights any red flags to be aware of for a person or business including Criminal History, Civil Debts, Licensing Issues and Complaints.


Detailed profiling of a subject including location, business or employment, personal and professional associations, behavioural history, and online behaviour.

Process Serving

Do you need a legal document served? Process serving can be a complex task. Once we have located your subject, one of our Licensed Field Agents can formally serve your document.

Field Calls

Need a professional to discuss a matter with someone on your behalf? We can attend an address to discuss matters with your Subjects on your behalf, including debts, civil and personal matters.


With a network of field agents ready to go all over Australia, we can conduct field calls to discuss vehicle and asset matters and repossess vehicles and assets if instructed. 

How much does it cost?

Please let us know the details of your situation below, and we will provide you with a quote within 1 to 2 business hours.

Please note, we do not require the details of the person you are trying to locate within this form. If you choose to accept our quote we will request further information from you at this point.

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