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We locate people and addresses quickly and efficiently, and provide you with a report of service
which can be used as evidence in your proceedings.

Our Standard Skip Trace service will get you results within 7-10 Business Days.

If you have an urgent matter, our Advanced Skip Trace is completed within 1-3 consecutive days.  

Proven Results

With an exceptional Skip Tracing success rate, and a track record of successfully locating individuals, we deliver tangible results you can rely on.

Experienced Investigators

Our experience in data analysis and investigations empowers us to efficiently sift through information, ensuring accurate and swift results.

Creative Thinkers

We employ innovative and investigative strategies that go beyond conventional methods, ensuring we unearth even the most challenging leads.

Passion for Justice

We love what we do and are fueled by our genuine passion for helping people, we excel in delivering dedicated and quality service to every search.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip Tracing is the process of finding or locating a person who is missing or hard to find – someone who has “skipped town.”

If someone has skipped town, or if they’ve moved from their last known address without providing a new one, Skip Tracing Australia can find them.

There are a number of reasons why you may need a Skip Trace. Whether you are a Solicitor, a Collection Agency, or looking to track down an old friend or an estranged family member, you can trust our team to provide quality results.

Skip Tracing Australia provides professional results, quickly. We can typically find and confirm the address of a person within 7-10 business days, so you can proceed with your matter as soon as possible.

We are licensed Private Investigators and Field Agents. Our team uses a wide range of modern and online investigation tools to conduct our Skip Tracing services. The result is that we can provide you with a detailed and easy-to-read report on your person/s of interest.

As professional Skip Tracers, we have the tools and the skills to locate people and assets quickly and efficiently.

When do you need a Skip Trace?

Skip Tracing is legal and available for anyone looking to lawfully locate a person or asset for a legitimate reason.

One of our Licensed Private Investigators will conduct your Skip Trace, in accordance with the relevant State Legislation of your Subject.

Explore the options below to see a selection of reasons you may need help from Skip Tracing Australia.

If you need to locate a person, we can help you.

Tracing a Debtor or Debt Collection

Creditors, Finance Companies, Businesses and Landlords may need to track down their debtors. If you have lent someone money and they have skipped town, we can confirm their address.

Conducting a Skip Trace allows you to locate your debtor and commence proceedings sooner.

We offer ethical and legal debtor tracing, in line with Australia’s debt collection regulations.

Finding a Beneficiary

The beneficiaries of Deceased Estates and Wills may be difficult to locate. With a Skip Trace, we can find the living beneficiaries of all matters within a specific time frame.

We conduct extensive searches on individuals and family histories to find any possible beneficiaries.

If you are an Estate Lawyer or the Trustee of an estate, we can find the people you are searching for.

Locating a Witness

Do you need to find a witness to assist in a Court matter? Calling the right witnesses can be the key to a successful outcome in Court, but tracking down those people can be challenging.

Skip Tracing Australia can find your witnesses and help you connect with them.

Talk to us about your matter and the people involved, and we’ll do the legwork of locating witnesses.

Missing Persons

A missing person or loved one is often a devastating experience. At Skip Tracing Australia, we are happy to provide a free data check service for families of missing loved ones.

We have access to modern investigative tools that are only available to Private Investigators.

This gives us the best chance of finding someone who’s missing and helping you get in touch with your loved ones.

Process Serving

Skip Tracing confirms the address of a person or the guarantor that’s responsible for a business, in order to serve legal documents.

This saves you the hassle of tracking people down, so you can meet your obligations and commence your matter sooner.

We also offer Process Serving Australia Wide, where one of our Licensed Field Agents can serve Family Court, Civil Court and other formal documents and provide a certified Affidavit of Service.

Property Owners and Local Councils

We assist local councils in proving a death of an estate, name change of the owner, and tracing a current address. Skip Tracing Australia has the tools to track down property owners within a matter of days.

Our services are more time and cost-effective than third parties such as collection agencies.

Contact us if you need to Skip Trace a property owner regarding outstanding Rates notices or property matters.

Class Action Beneficiaries

We support Lawyers and Consultants involved in coordinating Class Action Outcomes. If you need to trace hundreds of people in a specific time frame, a Skip Trace can help.

We offer significant discounts for projects that require us to locate large numbers of people.

Whether you need to find one beneficiary or hundreds, our team can track down individuals related to the matter.

Asset Repossession

Are you a finance company, collections agency or mercantile agency? When you need an address to conduct a Repossession Order, we can find your asset and confirm the location.

We can perform a Skip Trace Australia wide, locating debtors and/or secured assets.

Our team will find the information you need to recover your security through a Repossession Order.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Cat is incredible with her knowledge, professionalism and speed! What she achieved in 6 hours I had been chasing up with another company for over 5 weeks. Thank you Cat for a great outcome!


Small business client

Thank you for your service! After spending 48 hrs trying to find important sensitive information, I had contacted Cat who was able to answer all my questions within the hour of first talking. I can’t thank you enough! Highly recommend!



Amazing transparent conversations. Extremely helpful and reduced all stress and anxiety. Thank you Skip Tracing Australia.



Skip Tracing Australia Services

Locate a Person or Asset

Our Skip Tracing service utilises OSINT and data retrieved from multiple sources only available to Private Investigators, we will obtain a confirmed work or home address of your subject or Asset.

Process Serve

Do you need a legal document served? We can locate your subject, confirm their address and our Licensed Field Agents can formally serve your document.

Online Investigations

Detailed profiling of a subject including location, business or employment, personal and professional associations, behavioural history, and online behaviour.

Background Checks

Our background checks deliver a quick search report that highlights any red flags to be aware of for a person or business including Criminal History, Civil Debts or Complaints.

Locate a Beneficiary

We conduct an investigation into the possible connections of a Deceased Estate, Will or Class Action matter for the purpose of locating all Beneficiaries.

Phone Number Search

Just need a phone number? This search is conducted by a licensed Private Investigator to determine a current phone number for your subject.

Batch Skip Tracing

Our Batch Skip Tracing Service allows you to send through a high volume of Skip Tracing Files via a spreadsheet and have them returned to you with located details, at a fraction of the price.

Data Washing

Data Washing, or Data Cleansing, is the process of taking previous or historic records and essentially cleaning them by updating the contact details all at once, so that the records are useful again. E.g. Such as a client database (CRM). 

How much does it cost?

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