Who and What Are Mercantile Agents?

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Written by Cat Brownlie

A lot of people ask me, who and what are Mercantile Agents?

Well, mercantile agents, are also known as repossession agents, who are tasked with the legal and proper retrieval of property or assets on behalf of creditors. These assets are typically secured by a loan or lease agreement, and repossession occurs when the borrower defaults on their payments or breaches the terms of the contract.

These assets can include vehicles (such as cars, trucks, boats, or motorcycles), equipment, machinery, electronics, or other valuable items.

Once the collateral has been located, we are responsible for executing the repossession according to legal guidelines and contractual agreements. After repossession, we may be involved in the disposition or remarketing of the repossessed assets. This can include selling the assets at auction, returning them to the creditor, or arranging for their sale to recover outstanding debts.

If you need a mercantile agent, we can help you! We have a large network of Agents all around Australia who are licensed and experienced in serving documents, repossessing assets and conducting field calls. 

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