Terms and Conditions


For a Standard Skip Trace (Results within 7-10 Business Days) we charge $399.00 + GST if we successfully locate your Subject. If we cannot locate your Subject on this occasion, we charge the discounted rate of $299.00 and will make recommendations on how to proceed. 

For an Urgent or Advanced Skip Trace (Results within 3 Consecutive Days) we charge $499.00 + GST if we successfully locate your Subject. If we cannot locate your Subject on this occasion, we charge the discounted rate of $399.00 + GST and will make recommendations on how to proceed.

If you require a certified Affidavit with your completed report, please advise and note the additional charge of $59.00 + GST. 

For Process Serving and Field Calls, prices start at $99.00 + GST and range up to approximately $300.00 + GST, depending on the location (E.g. Metro Areas vs. Rural and Remote Areas). Please contact us to obtain a quote for your Process Serve or Field Call.

Payment Terms

We invoice upon completion of your matter unless otherwise advised, and payment is due within 7 days of issue. Please contact us if you need additional time to pay and we may consider an extension for you.

We have multiple payment options available, including:

  • Direct Bank Transfer

  • Credit Card

  • Over the phone

  • Online

We do not accept Payment via:

  • Cheque

  • Cash

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Money Order

Standard Skip Trace Process

Our Standard Process includes the following searches:

  • Paid Name Search Databases

  • Australian Electoral Roll

  • Advanced ASIC Data & Business Information

  • Property and Title Data

  • Social Media Platforms including backend data.

  • Residential Tenancy Application Data

  • Australian Court Data

  • Advanced Internet Search Results

Once we have gathered all available data on your Subject, we cross reference this information and conduct various interviews to gain a confirmation of Address. 

Some additional information is available to assist our investigation, such as Title Searches, ASIC Data, and Vehicle Reports, to name a few. If we think that this additional information will be the key to locating your subject, we will seek your approval for additional costs before proceeding.

Advanced Skip Trace Process

Our Advanced Skip Trace service includes our standard process + additional time spent on data specific to your matter, including but not limited to:

  • Additional time spent on your matter

  • Coordination of Surveillance and Field Calls to gain sighting of your Subject location

  • Specialty Data and Reports including FOI Requests

  • Deep Web Searches

  • Digital Footprint Tracing

  • Family Tree Research

  • Corrections Information

Definition of a ‘Locate’

A successful Locate is classified as:

  • Verbal confirmation of a phone number or address by the subject or a known associate, such as family, friends, and neighbours. (Please Note: If we are speaking with your subject directly, we will always undertake a discreet “pretexted” conversation with them to ensure your confidentiality and privacy, unless you instruct us to be upfront with them.)

  • Where a Title Search or Rental Tenancy Application confirms their current address and there is additional supporting information such as social media images or recorded data

  • The subject or security is physically sighted by one of our Agents at an address.

  • If your subject is located in prison, we will provide you with the prison address.

  • If your subject is determined to be deceased.

  • If your subject is in hospital, we will provide you with the hospital address.


We will never disclose Client Information or the reason for the Skip Trace to your Subject unless you specifically permit us to do so.

If we are speaking with your subject directly, we will always undertake a discreet “pretexted” (covert) conversation with them to ensure your confidentiality and privacy, unless you instruct us to be upfront with them. 

We always try to get verbal confirmation and gain a current phone number wherever possible however if you would prefer that no contact is made with your subject at all, please advise us and we can certainly find ways around this. 

Please be aware that the full locate fee is applicable where no contact is requested as this does hinder our ability to gain a confirmation of location.

Turn Around Time and Results

For a Standard Skip trace, we will typically have a result or at least an update for you within 3 business days, however, please allow between 7 and 10 business days for completion. If we cannot locate your subject within that time frame, we can hold onto your file for up to 4 weeks (28 consecutive days) while we continue to search for new leads and make contact attempts unless you instruct us to close the matter earlier. If after that time, we have not been able to locate your subject, we will make appropriate recommendations (such as surveillance if necessary) and seek your instruction on how you wish to proceed.

An Urgent Skip Trace is commenced immediately upon receipt of the information, and we aim to locate your subject or provide you an update within 24 hours of commencement. An urgent Skip Trace is completed within 3 consecutive days (including over the weekend). If we cannot locate your subject within 3 consecutive days we will consult with you on how you wish to proceed by the end of the third consecutive day.

Cancellations & Refunds

If for any reason, you wish to cancel your Skip Trace Request within 24 hours of submission, we will cancel your request at no charge. 

If you wish to cancel your Skip Trace Request after 24 hours of submission, we will charge you the admin fee of $59.00 + GST to cover the administrative costs of processing your matter, unless your Subject has been located during that time in which case we will charge you the full Locate fee. 

We do not offer refunds.

30-Day Recheck Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our high quality of data analysis and reporting. Where a subject is not located, we will advise you of this and charge you a reduced “No Find” fee. 

We will only provide you with a “Locate” file when we are 100% confident that your subject can be physically located at the provided address, and we use numerous verification methods to determine this information. 

If your subject is not located at the address we provide you at the time your report is issued, please notify us within 30 days of issue and we will recheck your file at no additional cost.

Client Interference

While we appreciate eagerness to aid our investigation, we urge you to refrain from undertaking any independent research or gathering information outside of our purview. Such actions may impede our process and ultimately lead to unsatisfactory results. 

In the event that we discover any client interference during our investigation, we reserve the right to charge the full Locate fee and return your file to you. 

This includes making phone calls to your subject or their associates and visiting addresses that may have been provided to you via updates.

Our Success Rate

We have an average 90% success rate, which is well above industry standard. The chances of success on your matter depend on the context of the matter and the personality of your Subject. I.e. if your Subject knows that you or other creditors are looking for them and is actively evading service they may have covered their tracks. In some cases, your subject may be determined to be overseas, or they may be deceased.

Additionally, if your Subject has moved address very recently, there will be less data available regarding their new address, however, it does not mean we won’t be able to locate your Subject as we use multiple investigative techniques to do so that don’t always involve data.

Process Serving & Field Calls

We are blessed with a large network of reliable Process Servers, Field Agents and Investigators all around Australia. If you need a Process Server to serve your documents upon completion of the Skip Trace, this is a separate service and the cost can range between $120 and $300 depending on the location of your Subject and the type of service required (I.e. If your Subject is located in a Rural or Remote area this usually costs more due to Agent availability and travel time to that area). 

Please advise if you would like us to arrange service of your documents, and we will provide you with a quote from one of our Agents across Australia.

Duty of Care and Due Diligence

At Skip Tracing Australia, we love what we do. We enjoy being able to assist our community in resolving their legal matters. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our love of the law and justice, our high-quality investigation skills, and our commitment to achieving results for you. 

It is because of these values that we need to advise that we reserve the right to refuse any request if we have any reason to believe that disclosing the address of your subject may cause harm to the subject, including domestic violence, or if they disclose mental health issues or self-harming thoughts or behaviours to us during our investigation. 

If at any point in time during an investigation, we become aware of any conflicting information or high-risk factors, we reserve the right to return your file to you and charge you the full ‘Locate’ fee. By submitting your request, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this.

International Skip Tracing

If you think your Subject may be overseas (UK, US, Canada or NZ) we charge $599.00AUD upfront to accept the job + the cost of any additional or specific data required. This can range from $100 - $1000AUD depending on the type of data needed and we always consult with you before taking any action and seek your approval of the additional costs. 

The reason an International Skip Trace costs more is because a lot more resources go into these matters and we have to work across different time zones. If we do not think it feasible for us to conduct a trace on an international subject (Outside the UK, US, Canada or NZ) we will obtain a quote from an International Skip Tracing Agency in that country and consult with you before any further action is taken. Please be aware these quotes usually come back in the thousands and if they do find your subject the invoice typically doubles with commission.

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