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Skip Tracing for Insurance Providers

How can Insurance Providers benefit from our Skip Tracing services?

Skip Tracing Australia provides services to Insurance Providers to assist with asset recovery, claims investigations, risk mitigation, business information, reporting requirements, and debt collection. 

Skip tracing is a valuable tool for several key reasons to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency in its operations:

Here are some key scenarios where Insurance Providers will benefit from using our professional Skip Tracing service.

Claim Investigation

Insurance companies often need to investigate claims thoroughly to prevent fraud. Skip tracers can help locate claimants, witnesses, or others involved in a claim who might
provide vital information or evidence.

Policyholder Contact

Insurance companies may need to contact policyholders for reasons critical to the policy's maintenance, such as renewals, updates, or important notifications. If policyholders have moved or changed their contact details without notifying the insurer, skip tracers can locate them to ensure continuous communication.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Skip tracing can be an essential component in identifying and preventing fraud, whether it involves uncovering false identities, locating absconded fraudsters, or tracing illicit
financial flows.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Our team of Licensed Investigators and Skip tracers are qualified and licensed to investigate potential fraud by locating individuals suspected of fraudulent activities, such as staging accidents or filing false claims, thereby protecting the insurance company from financial losses.

Risk Management

By effectively locating clients or debtors and securing assets or repayments, skip tracers help banks and insurance companies mitigate financial risks, thereby protecting their bottom line.

Legal Proceedings

If an Insurance company is involved in legal proceedings against a client, they may need to serve legal documents. Skip tracers can locate the individuals or entities involved to
ensure that they are properly served and the legal process can proceed.

Locating a Driver

If your Business deals with Vehicle Insurance, you may need to locate the driver at fault in a vehicle collision, in order to recover vehicle excess costs. With our Skip Tracing services, we can locate them for you.

Recovering Subrogation

In cases where an insurance company seeks to recover funds from a third party responsible for a loss (subrogation), skip tracers can be crucial in locating the responsible party or their assets for recovery purposes.

Unclaimed Assets

Insurance companies sometimes need to locate beneficiaries of policies to disburse benefits, especially if the beneficiaries are unaware of their entitlements or have moved without providing forwarding information.

Legal and Compliance Requirements

Insurance companies are often required to make diligent efforts to contact policyholders or beneficiaries before escheating funds to the state as unclaimed property. Skip tracers can assist in these efforts, helping the company comply with legal obligations.

Due Diligence

When underwriting policies or settling claims, insurance companies must perform due diligence to assess risk accurately and confirm claim validity. Skip tracing can be a vital part of this process, ensuring that all relevant parties are identified and located.

Asset Location

In certain types of insurance, like surety bonding, the insurance company might need to locate and claim assets if the principal fails to meet their obligations. Skip tracers can
locate these assets for recovery or liquidation.

Asset Location

In certain types of insurance, like surety bonding, the insurance company might need to locate and claim assets if the principal fails to meet their obligations. Skip tracers can
locate these assets for recovery or liquidation.

Locate a Witness

If your Business deals with Vehicle or Injury Compensation Insurance, you may need to locate witness to a crash or accident, in order to verify the details of a claim OR, to investigate a fraudulent claim. Our team of Skip Tracers can locate them for you.

With the help of Skip Tracing Australia, insurance providers can
enhance their ability to investigate claims, reduce fraud, maintain
contact with policyholders, comply with legal standards, and
manage financial risks effectively.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing your skip tracing to professionals rather than using in-house resources can offer several advantages for a company, especially if your business is not specialised in investigative or collection activities.

Here are key reasons to consider outsourcing your skip tracing matters:

Expertise & Experience

Our team of Licensed Private Investigators possess specialised skills, tools, and methodologies that have been earned through years of experience in skip tracing and investigations. We are adept at navigating complex databases, using advanced search techniques, and understanding legal boundaries, which can significantly improve the chances of locating your Subject.

Cost Effectiveness

Establishing an in-house skip tracing operation can be costly, requiring investment in training, software, databases, and personnel. Outsourcing eliminates these overhead costs and converts fixed expenses into variable costs that only occur when services are needed.

Time Efficiency

Professional skip tracers can often locate individuals more quickly than in-house staff due to their expertise and resources. This efficiency allows the company to expedite debt recovery or asset repossession processes, improving cash flow and asset
utilisation. At Skip Tracing Australia, we aim to have your matter completed within 10 Business Days and often have results much sooner than this.


Skip tracers in Australia must adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and, quite often, the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. Professional skip tracers are across these regulations and can ensure that
their methods are compliant, reducing the company's risk of legal issues. Our Agents also complete mandatory CPE and Mercantile Compliance training.

Focus on Core Business

By outsourcing your Skip Tracing to us, your Company can focus on its core business activities without diverting resources and attention to the complex and specialised task of locating individuals or assets.


Our Skip Tracing services can easily scale up or down based on your Business needs, providing flexibility that might be difficult to achieve with an in-house team. Whether your business requires skip tracing services on a small or large scale, outsourcing to professional services offers the advantage of adjusting the level of support as needed, saving you alot of time and money in the process.

Quality & Consistency

If we can’t find them, no one can! Our ability to provide quality Skip Tracing is second to none. We maintain a consistently high level of success through our solid processes and provide transparent communications along the way. We leverage our standardised processes and quality control measures to ensure reliable results.

Advanced Tools, Skills and Experience

Our Team of licensed Private Investigators have access to advanced tools and databases that may not be cost-effective or practical for many companies to acquire and maintain. These tools can provide more comprehensive searches and better results. than just plain name search databases alone.

Access To Our Other Services

When you partner with us, your Business will benefit from a range of additional services designed to support the maintenance and recovery of your assets. We provide everything from Debt Collection services, to Process Serving and Vehicle Repossessions, in addition to our wide range of Investigation services. Our goal is to be your reliable partner in safeguarding your assets and helping your business succeed in the long run.

By outsourcing your skip tracing, you can leverage the expertise and resources of specialists, ensuring efficient, effective, and compliant location efforts while allowing the company to concentrate on its primary business objectives.

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