At Skip Tracing Australia,

we support a diverse range of Clients in their legal matters.

Here's what some of them had to say about us:


We are so happy with the work that Skip Tracing Australia has done for us. We would highly recommend them to anyone. From the start to the finish they were professional, provided comprehensive information relevant to our matter and were able to get a good result for us. It meant that we could move forward on our case and for that we are so grateful!



Unbelievably fast and efficient. She was able to track down and verify a valid address for us in just a few hours. I was seriously impressed.
Her after-sales support to help us with next steps was also very valuable and really appreciated. Thanks Cat!

Small Business


Thank you for your service!
After spending 48 hrs trying to find important sensitive information, I had contacted Cat who was able to answer all my questions within the hour of first talking.
I can’t thank you enough!
Highly recommend!



We were having difficulty in serving an Examination order in person to a debtor. The debtor had changed their official address without informing authorities or updating official records. 

Without being served in person, the Examination order of funds recovery in court would stall and court would not proceed further at all.

We spent ages trying to find the debtor to serve the documents and we were looking at a big loss if we couldn't.

We contacted Skip Tracing to find the address and serve the Examination order.

The Team at Skip Tracing Australia found the debtor within two days. They were quick and efficient, very friendly  and organised the service
of documents in person to the debtor within that same week. 

It was executed with perfection.

Small Business

Law Firms & Solicitors

We assist Law Firms and Solicitors in their legal matters by tracing Respondents, Witnesses & Beneficiaries for various reasons.

Everyday People

A lot of our Clients are Every Day people, who need to find someone so they can serve a Document, like divorce papers or minor Civil Matters; or they may be looking for a family member

Mercantile Agencies

Mercantile Agencies rely on our Skip Tracing Services when they need to discuss matters with Customers who have changed their details.

Finance Companies

We provide a range of services to Financial Institutions, including Banks, Lenders, Insurance and Collection Departments including Data Washing and Batch Skip Tracing

Insurance Providers

Insurance providers use our services in instances where for example there may be damage to a vehicle and the driver cannot be found using conventional means.

Commercial Business

Our Skip Tracing Specialists have located numerous people for Commercial Business' and Companies so they can recover assets, and make progress on their Civil proceedings.

Real Estate Matters + Property Owners

Our Skip Trace services have assisted Landlords, Tenants, Real Estate Agents, and Property owners in legal matters relating to Rentals and Property Ownership.

Liquidators & Insolvency Professionals

We provide assistance to Liquidators & Insolvency professionals like locating assets and respondents, and corporate ledger management.


We work on Local Council Matters, State and Federal Government matters and provide assistance to Law Enforcement on community matters when it's needed.

Not For Profit

We provide assistance in locating people for Not For Profit organisations who support families of missing persons and Adoption affected individuals.

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